Labour movement voices call for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza


“The number of Labour voices directly calling for a ceasefire is growing rapidly”

Follow live updates from Labour Outlook as Labour representatives join the call for a ceasefire

Labour movement voices are calling for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza as the humanitarian crisis escalates, with a range of MPs, MSs and Labour representatives urging the Government to press all parties to agree to an immediate de-escalation and cessation of hostilities to protect the lives of Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

Tabled by Richard Burgon MP on October 17th, 95 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion ‘Protecting civilians in Gaza and Israel.’ You can view the Labour MPs who have signed the motion and rolling coverage of Labour representatives calling for a ceasefire below:

  1. Richard Burgon MP
  2. John McDonnell MP
  3. Grahame Morris MP
  4. Beth Winter MP
  5. Zarah Sultana MP
  6. Nadia Whittome MP
  7. Ian Lavery MP
  8. Jon Trickett MP
  9. Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
  10. Kim Johnson MP
  11. Kate Osborne MP
  12. Ian Byrne MP
  13. Olivia Blake MP
  14. Sam Tarry MP
  15. Tony Lloyd MP
  16. Ian Mearns MP
  17. Apsana Begum MP
  18. Clive Lewis MP
  19. Andy McDonald MP
  20. Barry Gardiner MP
  21. Liam Byrne MP
  22. Mick Whitley MP
  23. Rebecca Long Bailey MP
  24. Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
  25. Dawn Butler MP
  26. Cat Smith MP
  27. Rachael Maskell MP
  28. Marsha De Cordova MP
  29. Clive Betts MP
  30. Kate Hollern MP
  31. Kate Osamor MP
  32. Mohammad Yasin MP
  33. Sir Stephen Timms MP
  34. Debbie Abrahams MP
  35. Jon Cruddas MP
  36. Khalid Mahmood MP
  37. Tahir Ali MP
  38. Karl Turner MP
  39. Imran Hussain MP

The following MPs who were elected as Labour MPs have also signed the EDM:

  1. Jeremy Corbyn MP (Independent)
  2. Diane Abbott MP (Independent)
  3. Claudia Webbe MP (Independent)
  4. Geraint Davies MP (Independent)
  5. Christina Rees MP (Independent)

The following Labour MPs have now also called for a ceasefire (or shared a call for a ceasefire):

  1. Afzal Khan MP (Shadow Minister for Exports)
  2. Yasmin Qureshi MP (Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities)
  3. Naz Shah MP (Shadow Minister for Crime Reduction)
  4. Paula Barker MP (Shadow Minister for Devolution and the English Regions)
  5. Rushanara Ali MP (Shadow Minister for Investment and Small Business)
  6. Sarah Owen MP (Shadow Minister for Local Govt, Faith and Communities)
  7. Andy Slaughter MP (Shadow Solicitor General)
  8. Mary Foy MP
  9. Rosena Allin-Khan MP
  10. Stella Creasy MP
  11. Julie Elliot MP
  12. Rupa Huq MP
  13. Emma Lewell-Buck MP
  14. Dan Carden MP
  15. Valerie Vaz MP

The following Labour Mayors have called for a ceasefire:

The following Scottish Labour representatives have called for a ceasefire.

  1. Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar
  2. Mercedes Villalba MSP
  3. Carol Mochan MSP
  4. Alex Rowley MSP
  5. Monica Lennon MSP
  6. Richard Leonard MSP
  7. Paul Sweeney MSP

The following Welsh Labour representatives have called for a ceasefire:

  1. John Griffiths MS
  2. Carolyn Thomas MS
  3. David Rees MS
  4. Huw Irranca-Davies MS
  5. Jack Sargeant MS
  6. Jayne Bryant MS
  7. Jenny Rathbone MS
  8. Ken Skates MS
  9. Mike Hedges MS
  10. Vikki Howells MS

This page will continue update, with more Labour representatives expected to voice support for a ceasefire.

  • This article features live updates from October 27th, 2023 – if we have missed any MPs or Labour representatives please get in touch on twitter @LabourOutook.
  • You can view the full text of the Early Day Motion published on Labour Outlook here.
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Featured image: Ceasefire now.

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