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“It’s vital the Labour Left stands up for a member-led, democratic Party.”

By Sasha Das Gupta, Momentum

Democracy is under attack in Britain. From voter ID laws to the rights to strike, protest and claim asylum, the Tories are taking a hammer to our hard-won democratic rights.

Shamefully, though, we are also seeing these anti-democratic trends from the Labour Leadership too, whether it’s stitching up selections or enacting waves of unjustified suspensions and expulsions. That’s why it’s vital the Labour Left stands up for a member-led, democratic Party.

So we’re delighted to announce unified left slates for key internal Labour elections who will do just that. These candidates for the National Constitutional Committee, which oversees appeals on disciplinary cases, and Conference Arrangements Committee, which oversees the agenda of Labour Conference, enjoy united backing across the Labour Left.

That’s not all. Earlier this week, on International Women’s Day, we announced a unified Left slate for Labour’s National Women’s Committee. As women bear the brunt of continuing Tory austerity, while the Labour Leadership fails to support survivors like Apsana Begum, it’s vital we elect loud voices for a socialist feminism to organise and empower women in Labour.

For the first time, these candidates have been endorsed in line with Momentum’s new statement on equalities and endorsements, as agreed by our NCG last month. Our commitment to supporting trans rights, and opposing all forms of discrimination, is unshakeable.

The elections for all these committees will take place around Party Conference in October, but CLPs have until the 23rd June to nominate. Will you back these socialists in your CLP?

  • Sasha Das Gupta is the Vice-Chair of Momentum and Chair of Momentum’s Labour Organising Working Group.
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Featured Image: Momentum banner at a national demonstration

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