The Climate Emergency is already here – We can’t rely on neo-liberals to have the best interests of the planet, Jackie Owen


“The fight to save our planet, the fight for the emancipation of women is the fight to defeat neo-liberalism & the implementation of socialist policies.”

Jackie Owen

By Jackie Owen Clwyd South CLP

The Climate Emergency is already here sisters.

There is nothing “natural” about the disasters that have struck our planet owing to global warming. They are not freak accidents, but rather the culmination of long-term environmental degradation caused by human activity.

We share our planet & we care about it. Climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing the future of humanity and that makes it a global challenge.

But the effects are not globally equitable.

It is about us and it is a class issue, we are the workers, the carers, the community activists, the advocates & voices of our families & communities. we are at the centre of the debate & our voices must be included & be heard

Sisters we need to support an inclusive, equitable approach that gives voice to the victims of climate change, who are among those best-placed to develop practical and low-cost solutions.

Across societies, climate change affects women and men differently.

Extreme weather events are having the greatest impact on the world’s poorest people, and more than two-thirds of the world’s poorest people are women.

Despite women being disproportionately affected by climate change, their crucial role in climate change is being largely under-utilised and under-resourced.

It is very important that the role of women as decision-makers and implementers are prioritised.

Climate Justice covers local, national & International struggles. We must ensure climate action fully respects human rights & gender equality & consider how we work together, network, share skills & experience. 

A just approach to climate change means not only that the most vulnerable are able to participate fully in efforts to address the climate crisis; but those richer countries help poorer countries to adapt to the impacts of climate change, contributing more towards developing low-carbon solutions, and providing funding and access to this technology.

We can’t rely on neo-liberals to have the best interests of the planet, let alone oppressed women.  They still subsidise fossil fuel production in the UK and elsewhere.

The Tories plan to announce the development off Shetland of a new oilfield that will produce 150m barrels of oil and create 400m tonnes of CO2, weeks before the COP26 conference. 

The fight to save our planet, the fight for the emancipation of women is the fight to defeat neo-liberalism and the implementation of socialist policies.

We support the TUC’s proposal to create 1.24 million jobs within two years by investing £85bn in green technology, transport and housing, ensuring these are accessible to women. We also know that we can’t rely on neo liberals and pro austerity parties to deliver this level of investment.

Climate justice and feminist activism can lead to a better way of living which is slower and much more attuned to our families, friends, and communities; that respects and works alongside nature rather than dominates it. 

We need to encourage women in our communities to view the climate justice in a way that they can see the benefits & improvement in their daily lives.

We have a shining example of what can be achieved with Welsh Labour Government leading the way. They have banned fracking, opposed the extraction of fossil fuels, are planning to build 20,000 new low carbon social homes, incorporated a Clean Air Act, are leading initiatives to create reuse & repair hubs in town centres and delivering a community food strategy to encourage the supply of local sourced food to name a few.

Conference I move.

  • This is the speech given by Jackie Owen Clwyd South CLP Women’s Forum Delegate moving composite motion 3 on Women & Climate Justice at the recent Labour Women’s Conference.

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