Unless we work together our people will continue to suffer – Roger McKenzie and Cuban diplomat Jose Ramon Cabanes Rodriguez talk international co-operation

Roger McKenzie talks to Cuban diplomat and policy planner Jose Ramon Cabanas Rodriguez about multi-lateralism, US-China relations and the importance of international co-operation.

Jess Barnard, Labour NEC and former Young Labour Chair

Let Cuba live! – Jess Barnard, Young Labour Chair

"During the COVID-19 pandemic US blockade policy prevented the delivery of life saving equipment and raw materials which has cost lives and delayed the islands vaccination roll out." BY Jess Barnard, Young Labour As of 18 November, Cuba had fully vaccinated almost 80 per cent of its population, including children over two-years old. Ten million…

The Road Ahead: A call out for internationalists to join the Latin America Conference – Dr Francisco Dominguez

"The peoples of the Americas are rising again, saying no to imperialism, saying no to fascism, saying no to intervention – and saying no to death."Hugo Chávez Dr Francisco Dominguez, Head of Latin American Studies at Middlesex University, shows why internationalists should join the Latin America Conference - Adelante! '21 on December 4th for workshops…