Apsana’s Persecution Highlights the Struggle of Domestic Abuse Survivors Everywhere

"This case has highlighted both the protection granted to abusers through existing legal and governmental systems, and the huge pressures placed on victims through lengthy trials, with victims’ names dragged through the mud." By Patrick Foley, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP. Speaking to Labour Party Conference, Mariam Rasekh, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP, used her…


Labour Members Lead the Way – Labour Conference Analysis

"Our members are reflective of our wider communities and the appetite for a bold alternative to Tory rule must not be ignored." By Patrick Foley, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP. Labour members and affiliated trade unions showed once again that they are leading the way on policy, putting forward the big ideas that will get…


Labour’s members have the answers – Keir Starmer should listen to them. Jon Trickett’s Labour Conference assessment.

"It feels like the Conference was in part a contest between the Movement's founding principles - as valid today as they ever were - & revisionism. We can ignore all the noises off from cheerleaders in the media & elsewhere. The drive to social justice still animates our members as strongly as ever it did."


Labour members made a momentous decision committing our Party to stand solidly behind the Palestinian people – Tony Burke

"As a movement we must support 'effective measures' including sanctions, as called for by Palestinian civil society, against actions by the Israeli state that are illegal according to international law."

Passionately Advocating International Justice for Palestine – Labour Conference Motion Passes

"These are some of the daily examples of discrimination faced by my friend in Gaza. These are some of the examples of what is now a form of systematic oppression and control by Israel over the Palestinian people." Today at the Labour Party Conference, a historic motion in support of the Palestinian Struggle was passed…


Labour Party Conference Reaffirms Support for the Palestinian Struggle

"Today’s victory is a resounding message that the Labour membership remains firmly committed to the cause of Palestinian liberation." By Sam Browse, Streatham CLP. At Labour Party conference, Labour members today recommitted the party to supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle for self determination. The motion - which received the overwhelming backing of CLP…

Speaking up for Palestine at Labour Party Conference – Unite the Union

"Our party was built on the basis of solidarity with the downtrodden and standing shoulder to shoulder with those facing oppression – whether that is here in the UK or outside of our borders – and that is exactly what we must do." The following is the planned speech from Unite delegate Paula Brennan, on…


Fighting for unity means fighting against racism – Diane Abbott

"The fact that successive governments have done little or nothing to address [institutional racism] is a marker of how unresponsive they have been to the most egregious and deadly forms of discrimination." By Diane Abbott MP. The evidence of widespread, deep-rooted and longstanding institutional racism is all around us. Everywhere, that is except in the…


Labour needs to seize the agenda and fight for a Wealth Tax – Richard Burgon MP

"Unless Labour offers its own solutions then, however unpopular certain Tory policies are, we can’t expect the public to see us as the alternative." Richard Burgon MP. The debate on how to fund much-needed social care investment has forced the issue of taxation to the top of the political agenda. The new Tory tax hikes…