Saturday’s historic march for Palestine – in pictures


‘Today’s victims could have been saved by yesterday’s ceasefire’

Anon, from the 11th November 2023 March for Palestine

Saturday 11th saw huge crowds gather for the biggest demonstration for Palestine in British history – and, with over 800,000 people, one of the largest ever to march in London. Labour Outlook’s Sam Browse reports in pictures and social media posts from the march.

Here’s Ben Jamal, Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, explaining the importance and significance of the march in the run-up –

In the days before the demonstration, Suella Braverman attempted to have it cancelled. She was unsuccessful, but it prompted the organisers to put out this statement –

Despite attempts to prevent the demonstration, early signs suggested it would be huge. Here’s drone footage early in the day from Shelly Asquith, Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, showing the crowds on Park Lane –

People on the march brought flags to demonstrate their solidarity –

Image shows two Palestinian flags flying above the crowd.

Some brought the Irish tricolor, too –

Image shows the Palestinian flag and Irish tricolor flying next to each other over the crowds

Demonstrators create their own placards, condemning Israeli war crimes against the people in Gaza –

Image shows a placard that says bombing hospitals, refugee camps, water tanks is not "self defence"; it's genocide.
Image shows placard that says 'from Kashmir to Palestine, occupation is a crime'

Some placards were extremely creative –

Image shows a placard saying peace with the artistic image of a woman holding a dove.
Image shows a placard inspired by the picture Guernica.
Image shows a Palestine flag flying through the air held aloft by balloons in the Paletsine flag colours.

Others criticised Suella Braverman for attempting to ban the march, and at Rishi Sunak’s criticisms –

Image shows a placard with a hand-drawn picture of Suella Braverman saying 'Get Cruella out!'
Image shows a placard that reads 'the only extremist I know of' with a picture of Suella Braverman

Meanwhile, as over 800,000 people marched for Palestine, the far right – emboldened both by Sunak’s argument that it was disrespectful, and Braverman’s assertion that the cenotaph was at risk – picketed the cenotaph. As antiracist campaigners had warned, things soon turned to violence with the police –

Back at the demonstration, as the crowds hit Vauxhall Bridge, it was clear this was an unprecedented show of solidarity for Palestine.

Thousands of trade unionists joined the march, bringing their banners –

Image shows a crowd with a Unison banner being held above it.
Image shows the Devon District NEU banner at the demo
Image shows Islington Trades Council banner above the crowd

Here’s Maryam Eslamdoust, General Secretary of the TSSA union, marching with the crowd –

They were joined by other trade union leaders at the final rally. Here’s Mick Lynch of the RMT and Daniel Kebede of the NEU speaking from the platform –

Imran Hussein was one of the speakers at the final rally. The MP for Bradford East had resigned his position on Labour’s frontbench to call for a ceasefire. Here’s his speech –

The Labour frontbench position came under criticism by those at the demonstration, opposed to Starmer’s opposition to a ceasefire.

Image shows a placard that reads 'Sunak Starmer stop the genocide'
age shows a placard that says 'Britain's silence = Britain's shame'

But other members of the Parliamentary Labour Party spoke out at the rally. Here’s Zarah Sultana, John McDonnell, and Apsana Begum –

The rally was also joined by Jeremy Corbyn and celebrities like Maxine Peake –

After Saturday’s fantastic demonstration, we must continue to put on the pressure for a ceasefire, an end to the siege, and for a just peace in Palestine.  

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