“The cause of women is the cause of Labour” – CLGA Candidates’ Statement for Labour’s National Women’s Committee


“Labour must be a force for equality, intersectionality and working class unity. As trade unionists we stand with women workers taking industrial action to improve pay and conditions”

Centre-left Grassroots Alliance candidates’ joint statement

By Momentum

This year the Women’s Conference will be held on Saturday 7th October, the day before Labour Party Conference 2023. The Women’s Conference will elect the National Women’s Committee (NWC), whose responsibilities are as follows:

1. To lead political work relating to women members. 

2. To organise women members. 

3. To build the Labour Party amongst women across the country. 

4. To strengthen the voice and presence of women throughout the Labour Party.

Retaining a socialist and feminist influence on the NWC is vital. An active NWC can work towards making these aims and values a reality, holding the rest of the Party to account and boosting feminist voices within the Party. With the Tory government failing women on issues ranging from menopause leave to funding for women’s refuges, it’s vital that there is a strong feminist voice shaping Labour’s policies ahead of its next manifesto, as well as standing up for women’s interests across the Party.

The CLGA and Momentum are supporting the following candidates for the National Women’s Committee: Chloe Hopkins; Helen Smith; Cecile Wright; Claudia Boes; Zoe Allan; and Juliet Miller.

You can read the joint statement of the CLGA candidate’s for Labour Women’s Committee below:

Centre-left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) Women for the Labour Women’s Committee Candidates supported by the Centre-left Grassroots Alliance stand for a transformative Labour Government; socialist, feminist, and anti-racist policies; and a democratic Labour Party including an active, inclusive Labour Women’s Organisation.

Defend our Labour Women’s Organisation
To develop policies that will inspire women voters, Labour must listen to women members and trade unionists. We support a standalone, two-day, policy-making Labour Women’s Conference. Labour Women’s Committee needs more support to play its key role in empowering a democratic, campaigning women’s organisation at local, regional and national levels; supporting Women’s Officers and Women’s Branches to be vibrant and indispensable parts of our local organisation.

Challenging Inequality
The Tories prioritise protecting profits over improving lives. Over the past 13 years we have seen a rise in violence against women; women working for decreasing pay, with many relying on food banks, unable to heat their homes; increasing numbers of disabled women unsupported to live their lives.

We will challenge inequalities – intensified by the cost of living crisis, under-funding of public services,  government handling of the pandemic and increased military spending.  We will support reproductive choice, equality in health provision and affordable, accessible childcare provision.  Ongoing austerity has a disproportionate impact on Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic, disabled, and young women and lone parents. We will work with trade unions and community campaigns to address these issues.

For Future Generations
We support a Green New Deal and public ownership. Labour must invest in renewable energy, challenge big polluters and work towards a just transition to a net zero carbon economy. We support an ethical foreign policy with peace, conflict resolution and nuclear disarmament at its core. Labour must support women struggling against oppression across the globe.

For Liberation and Social Justice
Labour must be a force for equality, intersectionality and working class unity. As trade unionists we stand with women workers taking industrial action to improve pay and conditions; we support the demands of Black Lives Matter for lasting structural change and stand against vilification of and attacks on asylum seekers.We fight all forms of racism including antisemitism, Islamophobia and Afriphobia and the scapegoating of migrant and Traveller communities. We must challenge discrimination and prejudice, including tackling sexism, sexual harassment, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and ableism. We fight for inclusive self-organised Labour Party equality structures; defend all-women shortlists at all levels and support legislation to extend their use, including for other under-represented groups.

For Party Democracy
We support a democratic, member-led Labour Party that includes members being able to select the candidates of their choice and a strong trade union link. We will fight for natural justice, transparency, accountability, and fairness in internal processes, and against unjust suspensions and disciplinary action, and restrictions on legitimate debate. We stand for an accessible Labour Party, where sexual harassment is comprehensively challenged and addressed. 

We need Labour in power across local, regional and national governments implementing policies that will support women and transform lives . Labour needs to take the fight to our political opponents and advocate an economy for the many not the few. Rejection of Tory austerity was at the heart of the 2017 and 2019 manifestos and provides the basis of a programme for recovery.

History shows that electing a Labour government needs women’s support. Together we will work for a strong Labour women’s organisation – to realise our aspirations and send the vital message that the Labour Party is there for women.

The cause of women is the cause of Labour.

  • The CLGA candidates for Labour’s National Women’s Committee are: Chloe Hopkins, North Tyneside CLP, membership number L1492882; Helen Smith, Tynemouth CLP, membership number L1164590; Cecile Wright, Derby North CLP, membership number A481880; Claudia Boes, Cardiff West CLP, L1318806; Zoe Allan, Brecon & Radnorshire CLP, membership number L1393044; Juliet Miller, South West Hertfordshire CLP, membership number L1636941.
  • CLPs have until 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2023 to submit nominations for the National Women’s Committee. 
Featured image: Labour Party Conference 2019. Photo credit: Labour List

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