John McDonnell MP’s New Year Message


“I wish success to all those workers striking to secure a decent pay rise.”

John McDonnell MP

John McDonnell MP released the New Year’s Message Below on Twitter on January 30:

The New Year’s statements issued by many politicians are often a meaningless dribble of platitudes completely unrelated to what people are facing.

At present we have hundreds of thousands of workers taking industrial action.

We have people freezing in their own homes at every cold snap

And we have children going hungry and food banks running dry.

So, this is the New Year I wish for.

I wish success to all those workers striking to secure a decent pay rise.

I wish for continuing and firmer controls on energy cost so nobody is cold in these coming months.

And instead of subsidising the profiteering energy companies I wish them brought into public ownership.

I wish for price controls on basic foodstuffs so nobody goes hungry and there is no need for foodbanks.

I wish for the wealth created by working people to be redistributed by a fair tax system so that nobody lives in poverty and our public services are fully funded in public ownership.

I wish for an economy that is properly managed to harness the skills and talents of our people ensure we protect our planet for future generations.

And I wish we rediscover our humanity and proclaim proudly asylum seekers are welcome here.

I hope that these are the New Year’s wishes we can all share.

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Featured image: John McDonnell speaking to fast food workers holding a strike meeting at London’s Leicester Square on Thursday 4th October 2018. Photo credit: Garry Knight under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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