Resist the Tory Offensive – Labour Outlook TUC Conference special edition


“It was working people who paid the price for the 2008 banking crisis and it will be an injustice if the fallout of the crisis-ridden last few years sees the same thing happen again.”

Mark Serwotka, PSC General Secretary

By the Labour Outlook Team

To coincide with the TUC conference 2022, Labour Outlook has published a special edition in print. Featuring articles from Mark Serwotka, PCS Union General Secretary; Sarah Wooley, BFAWU General Secteray; Holly Turner, NHS Workers Say No!; and Jess Barnard, former Chair of Young Labour and Members’ Representative on Labour’s NEC.

Although TUC conference has now been postponed to the 18th to the 20th October, you can read the TUC Congress edition below.

Articles will also be published individually on the Labour Outlook site.

TUC Conference 2022 Labour Outlook print edition page 1.
TUC Conference 2022 Labour Outlook print edition page 2.

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