The BIG Comedy Night for Your NHS Needs You!


“Our campaign brings together celebrity voices & campaigning doctors to lift the lid on what is happening, and lead the fight to renationalise our NHS.”

By Your NHS Needs YOU!

Comedy greats and a poetry legend will come together on July 12th for a brilliant night of entertainment to raise money for Your NHS Needs You’s campaign against NHS privatisation and for renationalisation! The evening will also feature contributions from leading NHS Campaigners Dr Andrew Meyerson, Dr Bob Gill & Dr Moosa Qureshi. 

Your NHS Needs You has already reached millions by joining forces with household names including Stephen Fry, Romesh Ranganathan, Russell Brand, Jo Brand and Steve Coogan; politicians such as Barry Gardiner MP, Margaret Greenwood MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Kate Osborne MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, John McDonnell MP; and cross bench peers.

Hosting the evening is Live at the Apollo star, Jen Brister, who says:

“I’m delighted to be hosting this great night of comedy for Your NHS Needs You! The NHS is close to my heart and is one of the best institutions this country has created. Like many people, I am very worried about the stealth privatisation of our beloved healthcare system, and I fully support complete renationalisation. The NHS should deliver top-quality care to all, regardless of income or status. Come and have a belly laugh – and join us in saying NO to NHS privatisation!”

NHS medical staff are desperate to shatter the silence around the Americanisation of our healthcare, which is replacing the English NHS with a two-tier system that reduces access to care forcing patients to go without treatment, pay for top-up insurance or pay out of pocket: this is the culmination of decades of gradual legal changes imposed by consecutive governments by stealth without public knowledge or democratic mandate.

National Lead for Your NHS Needs You, Marshajane Thompson, says:

“Government has been handing huge chunks of our NHS to the private sector. During Covid, their cronies received massive contracts. Now, parliament has approved the toxic Health and Care Bill, handing control of NHS budgets and treatments to corporations putting profits over our health. Hidden behind the NHS logo, American corporations and private health insurers have been allowed to quietly take control of the English NHS. Now, in a typical year, 1 in 14 of Britain’s poorest households are incurring catastrophic healthcare costs— thousands of people resorting to crowdfund crucial NHS treatment, from fertility to cancer to hereditary disorders, as reported in the Financial Times this week.

Our campaign brings together celebrity voices and campaigning doctors to lift the lid on what is happening, and lead the fight to renationalise our NHS and return it to a publicly provided, universal service based on clinical need not on ability to pay.”

Last November, the campaign made headlines handing an invoice to Boris Johnson for the treatment he received in hospital for Covid – highlighting that while Johnson and the wealthy can pay, the vast majority risk being priced out of healthcare.

DiEM 25 and Unite are behind the campaign, and the night is also sponsored by the CWU, who are also official supporters of the campaign.

July 12th at the Troxy in London, starring: Markus Birdman, Frankie Boyle, Jo Brand, Marcus Brigstocke, Kerry Godliman, Robin Ince, Rosie Jones, Malinda Mukuma, Jason Manford and Michael Rosen.

Your NHS needs YOU! The Big Comedy Night – 12th July 2022 at the Troxy, in London.

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