Labour figures call for solidarity with Xiomara Castro & the people of Honduras

“She is Honduras’ first female president & has committed to reverse 12 years of extreme neoliberal economic policy.”

We are pleased to publish below a statement in solidarity with democracy and social progress in Honduras from Labour figures including MPs, members of the House of Lords and NEC members.

At these difficult times for the Left here, let us salute the gains the Left is making in Latin America and loudly say “Don’t Mourn, Organise!”

STATEMENT: Solidarity with Xiomara Castro & the people of Honduras

We congratulate Xiomara Castro on her inauguration to the Presidency of Honduras and condemn attempts from corrupt elites to undermine her ability to govern.

Xiomora Castro’s election in November 2021 brought to an end 12 years of extreme right-wing rule following a 2009 Washington-backed coup against democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.

That coup led to widespread attacks on human rights and Xiomara Castro played a leading role in the resistance movement which has been struggling for democracy and justice. She was swept into office with a commanding mandate for change winning 51% of the vote, well ahead of her rival who gained just 36.9%.

She is Honduras’ first female president and she has committed to reverse 12 years of extreme neoliberal economic policy, tackle corruption and impunity, and open a national debate on reforming the country’s draconian abortion laws.

But as she takes office, Honduras faces major challenges, including destabilisation from elites feeling threatened by her promise to redistribute wealth, fight corruption and build democratic institutions.

Already, Xiomara Castro’s plans to transform Honduras suffered a major attack just days before her inauguration – 20 defections from her Libre party to the Right-wing have undermined her ability to pass laws and appoint officials even before she has taken office. By securing control of Congress against the will of the people, the oligarchy hope to make many crucial reforms practically impossible.

We stand with Xiomara Castro against anti-democratic actions and in support of her democratic mandate to change the direction of the country.


  • Apsana Begum MP
  • Baroness Christine Blower
  • Baroness Pauline Bryan
  • Richard Burgon MP
  • Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Lord John Hendy QC
  • Ian Lavery MP
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Ian Mearns MP
  • Bell Ribiero Addy MP
  • Zarah Sultana MP
  • Jon Trickett MP
  • Claudia Webbe MP
  • Jess Barnard, Young Labour Chair
  • Lara McNeill, Labour NEC Youth Rep
  • Gemma Bolton, Labour NEC
  • Yasmin Dar, Labour NEC
  • Nadia Jama, Labour NEC
  • Mish Rahman, Labour NEC
  • Matt Willgress, Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America

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