‘They’re threatened, that’s why they’re passing the police crackdown bill’ – join the campaign to #KillTheBill


“Look on the website, join your local group, join the mailing list and then come out on the street… we’re going to positively exercise the right to protest in as beautiful, as musical, as exciting and as radical a way as we can”

Luke, Tower Hamlets Extinction Rebellion

By Sam Browse

The Policing Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill is currently on its way through the House of Lords. When it first arrived in parliament, the Bill included a host of measures designed to crackdown on protests and attack the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community. The Lords voted down some of the most reactionary measures, but there’s still a fight to defeat it and defend the right to protest.

Labour Outlook caught up with Luke from Tower Hamlets Extinction Rebellion and the wider campaign to Kill the Bill to talk about what the Government are trying to achieve with the legislation, what’s wrong with it, and how you can join the campaign to stop it. Watch the interview in full here:  

  • Check out the Kill the Bill Official Instagram here.
  • You can also watch the interview in full on the Arise Festival YouTube Channel here.

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