Oppose the US blockade of Venezuela – Christine Blower


“Sanctions are opposed by the majority of both pro-and anti-government Venezuelans.”

By Christine Blower, Labour member of the House of Lords.

Venezuela is suffering from a punishing raft of illegal sanctions, imposed by Trump and maintained by President Biden. The sanctions, which amount to a blockade, are designed to bring the oil-rich state to its knees, and the aim is ‘regime change’ to reassert the US’s political and economic interest.

Reports by the United Nations have detailed how badly the sanctions have affected the people of Venezuela, by blocking imports of food, medicines and other critical supplies. In 2020, a former UN Rapporteur on Human Rights reported US Sanctions had already killed more than 100,000 Venezuelans.

No wonder sanctions are opposed by the majority of both pro-and anti-government Venezuelans.

The UK is backing these sanctions, including by the Bank of England refusing to return to Venezuela billions of dollars of its gold deposited there.

Instead, the continuing regional-based dialogue process is needed as a way for Venezuela to peacefully address the problems it faces. Governments internationally – including the UK – should do all they can to facilitate and support such a dialogue.

Featured image: Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

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