Labour’s Sharp Financial Decline Shows How Starmer Has Alienated Members – Andrew Scattergood, Momentum


“Keir Starmer took over the richest party in Britain and has run it into the ground.”

By the Labour Outlook Team.

Momentum Co-Chair Andrew Scattergood has reacted to the shocking news that Labour is down to one month’s reserves and is making 90 staff redundant, after it was leaked to the Guardian this week.

“Keir Starmer took over the richest party in Britain and has run it into the ground. By cynically rowing back on his ten pledges and by driving out grassroots members who don’t agree with him, he has brought our Party to the brink of disaster.”

The party cannot avoid that the huge loss in membership has had a crippling effect on finances, with Labour having been the richest party in Britain in 2018. Momentum’s spokesperson made it clear that “this will have terrible consequences for hardworking staff who will lose their jobs, and severely threatens our general election chances.”

The move to reduce Labour’s workforce was originally suggested to be part of a plan to restructure the party but this leak sheds a light on the true motives behind the lay offs. It is being reported that all NEC-funded staff have been offered voluntary severance of three weeks pay for every year served.

Andrew not only criticised the alienation of party members and staff redundancies but called for Labour to reengage with the mass membership and trade unions.

“Starmer promised competence, electability and socialist policy – on each he is comprehensively failing. We need the support of a mass membership and engaged trade unions to stem this financial decline – and that means we need to be a party that fights for the interests of working people.”

Featured Image: Keir Starmer speaking at the 2020 Labour Party leadership election hustings in Bristol (WikiCommons)

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