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“The mainstream media played a role in opting out of informing on the violations of human rights taking place in Bolivia.”

Wiphalas por el Mundo (Wiphalas Across the World), held a two week international campaign of #14DaysofResistance, demanding justice for the victims of the coup d’etat in Bolivia and calling for an end to the international interference of Europe and the United States in Latin America.

Our main objective: To bring visibility to the violations of human rights in Bolivia during the coup, and the role of the UK and Europe. 

In Bolivia, there was a coup d’état in November 2019 that imposed the dictatorial and intensely racist regime of Ms. Jeanine Añez, which in 11 months left at least 37 dead, more than 1,000 injured, in addition to the arbitrary,  illegal arrests and political persecution of at least 1,500 people (among them former President Evo Morales Ayma and all of his ministers).

Many in Europe and across the world did not know of the bloody coup that was taking place in Bolivia and that systematically attacked indigenous peoples, women of pollera, their children and anyone resisting the dictatorial regime led by Jeanine Anez.

The mainstream media played a role in opting out of informing on the violations of human rights taking place in Bolivia therefore adding to the lack of the visibility of the coup to an international audience.

Our main objective as international campaign was to bring this visibility and  we did so with the launch of the Replica of the Mural of the Victims of the Coup d’état in Bolivia here in city in London, which was on display on a 30 metres long wall from 18th June to Sunday 4th July in Shoreditch East London. Ollie Studios and UNKLE in collaboration with muralist Willka in Bolivia supported our collective in making this display of images possible in the UK alongside billboards across London with images and bilingual facts of the coup and their authors.

During the 14 Days of Resistance, Wiphalas across the World held panels to expose and denounce the consequences of the imperialist interference in Latin America, topics included…

Sovereignty of Nations with panellists including Jeremy Corbyn MP, Former leader of the Labour Party UK and Project for Peace and Justice, and Maite Mola First Vice-President Party of the European Left.

State Violence in Latin America  with Andre Constantine Movimento Nacional das favelas e Periferias – Brasil; Nadesdha Guevara, Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos Bolivia; and Fidel Narváez, Ex-Consul Ecuador in the UK.

Indigenous People’s Resistance with Nick Estes from The Red Nation; Jorge Sanchez Consejo Regional Indígena de Colombia; Lautaro Cayupan, Pueblo mapuche; and Beatriz Brasil, Wapixana Nation amongst others.

We also held a panel on Role of the Press led by Pablo Navarrete from Alborada, Nathalia Urban from Brasil Wire, Chris Hazzard MP and Ollie Vargas from Kawsachun Coca News.

At the end of our campaign, on Saturday 3rd July in collaboration with Progressive International and European Left we launched the European premiere of the documentary FUE GOLPE (It was a Coup) by Director Maria Fernanda Rada.

Our #14DaysofResistance and all its events and panels can be watched on replay on our social media.

Our call continues to:

a. Reject US and European interference in the internal affairs of our nations

b. Defend the sacred right of our nations to self-determination

c. Reject all attempts to overthrow governments by violent, illegal and unconstitutional means

d. Condemn and reject the media war against progressive governments in Latin America

Mural for victims of the coup regime painted in Bolivia.
Mural for victims of the coup regime painted in London, England.

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