To win, Labour must fight the Tories – & stand for an economic agenda defending jobs & improving living standards

“Labour must hold the government to account & oppose all aspects of its reactionary economic agenda.”

Please find below the model motion for Labour Party Conference 2021 being circulated by our partner organisation, the Labour Assembly Against Austerity. All motions need to be 250 words or below, and submitted by 5pm, Monday 13th September 2021.

Labour Assembly Against Austerity Model Motion for Labour Party Conference 2021

Conference notes:

  • The Conservatives are carrying forward their decade of austerity policies which only benefit the richest, including through;
  • The running down and privatisation of public services, instead choosing to increase the funds flowing to the richest in society;
  • Real pay cuts – after a ‘lost decade’ of wages after the financial crash for millions, last year half of workers experienced a real pay cut and the public sector pay policy amounts to real pay cuts into the future;
  • A drastic increase in unemployment, with many more job losses to come;
  • A further increase in insecure work by letting practices such as zero hour contracts and ‘fire and rehire’ rip

That women, BAME and disabled people have been the hardest hit by both austerity and the pandemic.

The popularity of socialist policies to address the crisis, such as expanding public ownership, a massive Green New Deal, and substantial increases in public sector pay. 

Conference believes:

That to win again, Labour must be a clearly anti-austerity party and stand for an economic agenda defending jobs and improving living standards, based on investment not cuts.

Conference resolves that Labour must:

  • Hold the government to account and oppose all aspects of its reactionary economic agenda
  • Put forward a radical vision of the future, including the bold policies we have developed for massive public investment to transition and decarbonise our economy and create millions of jobs, for universal public services, and to achieve the redistribution of wealth and power.  

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