Rishi Sunak – Workers Can’t Wait!


“The Tories are failing to do enough to save lives, stop job losses & prevent deepening poverty.”

On Wednesday, the Labour Assembly Against Austerity launched a petition entitled ‘Rishi Sunak – Workers Can’t Wait. People need urgent support now!’ Please sign it at https://www.change.org/p/rishi-sunak-rishi-sunak-workers-can-t-wait-urgent-support-now

The Tories are failing to do enough to save lives, stop job losses and prevent deepening poverty. People urgently need support now including these 10 measures:

☑️ Increased Statutory Sick Pay for all

☑️ No Universal Credit cut – boost it and ensure a minimum income guarantee

☑️ Furlough fixed – everyone covered, full wages and a right for carers to access

☑️ The National Minimum wage raised to at least £10 an hour

☑️ A pay rise for public sector workers

☑️ A national food service – no one should go hungry

☑️ No evictions or repossessions – cancel rents, strengthen renters’ rights and support

☑️ An end to  tuition fees – rent refunds for students

☑️ Free broadband for all – everyone must be able to work and learn

☑️ Emergency extra resources for our public services including local government and for jobs. Investment not cuts – for a #PeoplesPlan for jobs and livelihoods.

As voices from across society – including numerous MPs, councillors and unions such as Unite the Union – have said #workerscantwait until the March budget. We need real support now.

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