Jeremy Corbyn : Establishment & media attacks are for a reason – the time for socialist ideas has come.

“They attack us for a reason. The reason is that they are afraid of our message and the popularity of it.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP

As part of his upcoming exclusive interview with Laura McAlpine for Labour Outlook, Jeremy Corbyn has urged people to keep fighting for socialist ideas and not be demoralised by right-wing media attacks, saying “they attack us for a reason [and] the reason is that they are afraid of our message and the popularity of it.”

Responding to Laura – who was Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate in Harlow at the last General Election – asking “We’re still seeing regular attacks from the media on yourself and the left. Do you think this is because the crisis has shown that the time for socialist politics is now?” Jeremy added that, “The media attacks on us are huge and personally unpleasant and are designed to distract away from the issues of unemployment, poverty [and] injustice” in our society, especially at this time of crisis.

When looking at media negativity, he urges Labour activists to “bear in mind that surveys of opinion across Europe show us that in Britain we have the least trusted press of anywhere on the continent” and that younger people are moving away from established forms of right-wing media.

In the interview, which will be released soon, Jeremy also argues that the Left’s job is “to be a part of [our] communities.. Not talking down, but listening to and working with them to achieve a better society.”

Reflecting on his years as Labour leader, he says he was “proud of the change in policies that we made,” and that it’s his belief that Labour can overcome an overwhelmingly hostile media, and “can deliver a government for the people of this country but it will only be achieved if we develop community organising and if the party’s mentality is rooted in community strength and achievement.”

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