We must be determined in our unity for a society that cares for all – Jeremy Corbyn on #MayDay2020


“When the Coronavirus crisis passes, there must be no return to the politics and economics of the past.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Coronavirus has exposed the inequalities, frailties and vulnerability of our lives.We must thank health and care workers all over the world for their hard work and continued dedication.

This global crisis has brought a sharp realisation that a key worker is a cleaner, and their work is of more value than that a speculative hedge fund manager.

The effects of Coronavirus can be felt everywhere – in some countries more than others. There is a higher death toll where there is a lack of proper health care provision and where Governments have either been to slow to act or followed a theory of herd immunity – making the poorest and most vulnerable expendable.

Those countries with an inclusive health care system where health care is a right for all, and where they have been prepared to support the entire community during lock down have done better and saved lives.

This pandemic has also taught us that unless we seriously tackle global health inequality together, we are all vulnerable to the spread of any virus.The flu epidemic of 1918 led to greater global action and the formation of the World Health Organisation in 1948 was dedicated to dealing with global inequalities. It cannot achieve that aim unless the principle of health care as a fundamental human right is accepted. The IMF and World Bank constantly push for insurance based and private health care schemes that can never be universal and inclusive of the most vulnerable in our societies.

Ten years of austerity has left our public services in the UK teetering on the brink of collapse with only the heroic dedication of underpaid and over worked staff saving them. People who were dismissed as “unskilled” are now at the centre of our protection, BAME communities suffer the worst, and are often the mainstay of our hospitals and care homes. Volunteers have shown their sense of dedication to our communities.

This May Day let us celebrate the work of all those who have done so much to protect us. Let us be united globally in our determination to provide health care for all. We must be determined in our unity and in expressing loudly our solidarity with those worldwide demanding a society that cares for all, opposing the horrific levels of pollution and calling for urgent action to improve the short life expectancy of the poorest and most vulnerable.

Never again must our precious NHS be undermined by privatisation, private finance initiatives or the private health sector. The principles of our NHS must extend to Social Care and Public Health strategies.

When the Coronavirus crisis passes, there must be no return to the politics and economics of the past.Austerity has left us with increased levels of poverty, vulnerable public services and a massive inequality between rich and poor- one which is getting wider.

Social justice and investment for all our futures, clean air and a sustainable environment must be the way we, as a movement go forward.

Happy May Day!

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