Lifting the remaining public health measures now will only prolong the pandemic and cause further illness and death – Zero-Covid UK

There are no scientific or public health grounds for the decision to remove public health protections, which appears to be based on a desire to distract attention from Boris Johnson’s lies and law-breaking.

Government’s reckless self-isolation proposals will result in more suffering

"Our hospitals are overwhelmed, our doctors are exhausted, and over a thousand people are dying of Covid every week... Far from relaxing the regulations, the Government should be doing more to manage the pandemic and protect people." By the Zero-Covid UK Team. It has been reported that the United Kingdom is drawing up plans under…


Save lives now, then we can all live well – Joan Twelves, Zero-Covid UK

"Johnson and Javid’s rejection of infection control measures in order to assuage their right wing backbenchers, is reckless to the extreme" By Joan Twelves, Zero-Covid UK. Much in Labour’s 10-point plan for living with covid is welcome, but it ignores the immediate crisis – we have to stop people dying from the virus before we…

The alternative to forever Covid is Zero Covid – Diane Abbott exclusive

“175,000 British citizens have died. These were overwhelmingly avoidable deaths... Had this government pursued the same policies as Australia, we would now have a Covid-19 death toll the British death toll would now be under 7,000. Following the policy of Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand would have led to fewer than 700 deaths.” By Diane…