We need to really go after oil and gas profits to drive down energy bills  – Richard Burgon MP

"Either we let firms make huge profits on the back of soaring energy bills for millions. Or we act and put the needs of people ahead of the energy giants" - Richard Burgon and 30,000 others call for the Windfall Tax to be raised to address the crisis.

As Truss and Sunak bid for most reactionary immigration policy we need a working class antiracist fightback

Both candidates for Tory leader have engaged in a farcical game of one-upmanship, with Truss proposing more “Rwanda style” deals with foreign countries and Sunak proposing offshoring of asylum seekers on cruise ships Joshua Kelly By Joshua Kelly, activist with Labour Against Racism and Fascism The race to Number 10 between Rishi Sunak and Liz…