Jeremy Corbyn to Priti Patel – Asylum seekers are human beings who have a right to be treated with dignity & respect.

"History shows us that refugees are the victims of human rights abuse, war & environmental disasters. We surely all have a duty to support the victims, rather than blaming & punishing them for events not of their making." - Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Some companies have used the pandemic crisis as an excuse to implement a long-held strategy of cutting wages & undermining terms & conditions – John McDonnell

"The pandemic has made us all think about what we value in life and to reassess how our society and our economy operates." - John McDonnell

The government should not be shelling out large sums of public money to subsidise poor business practice – John McDonnell’s ‘Business Standards Bill’

“Billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being paid to companies to help them get through the pandemic, so it is not much to ask that these companies abide by very basic good business practices of treating their employees decently, not harming our environment and paying their fair share in taxes.” - John McDonnell.