Steve Howell – “Living standards & climate change are the 2 great challenges we face, & we need to get the message across that the solution to them is the same: the transformation of our economy.”

"Labour’s plans for public ownership aren’t some kind of political article of faith... they’re an absolute necessity if we are to deliver a green industrial revolution." We interviewed Steve Howell about the upcoming General Election.

Richard Burgon – “I want Boris Johnson & his Thatcherite mates out as soon as possible”

Rallying Labour members and supporters for the fight ahead, he made it clear that we want Boris Johnson & his Thatcherite mates out of Downing Street as soon as possible. On ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ Richard Burgon said, “As soon as No deal is off the table, we want a General Election Called.”

“Nothing less than a charter for deregulation & a race to the bottom” – Jeremy Corbyn slams Johnson’s Deal

"A charter for deregulation across the board, paving the way for Trump-style trade deals that will attack jobs, rights and protections, and open up our precious National Health Service and other public services for further privatisation." - Jeremy Corbyn on Johnson's #BrexitDeal