Hancock’s NHS plans would see the ramping up of privatisation on a scale we’ve never seen before – Pascale Robinson, We Own It.

" Newspaper headlines have regurgitated the government line that somehow Matt Hancock’s latest disaster plan will lead to reductions in the involvement of the private sector in the health service. This couldn’t be further from the truth."

Honduras: Solidarity needed as more activists killed – by Christine Blower, Labour member of the House of Lords.

"While Honduras’ powerful & corrupt US-backed elites benefit enormously from the rapacious development of the country’s natural resources, about 48% of the population lives below the poverty line, & over 60% in rural areas."

A roadmap to endless tragedy – Boris Johnson’s Covid 19 announcement

"We in the Zero Covid movement are often caricatured as advocating permanent lockdown. Nothing could be further from the truth. An effective lockdown would be a short lockdown. Then we could all have the social freedoms that have long been enjoyed in New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan & elsewhere. It is the failed containment strategy, & the associated reliance on vaccines as the silver bullet, that has delivered endless & repeated lockdowns & horrific death tolls."

Outlaw ‘Fire & Rehire’ – We mustn’t let workers pay for this crisis, by Howard Beckett, Unite the Union.

"We mustn’t let workers pay for this health crisis in the same way austerity was used to make us pay for the bankers crisis - we must fight every attempt to fire & rehire workers of course - but we must also demand more - we need to fight for better pay, terms & conditions, better employment rights & a better society."

Turning to “outdated & unelected” Mandelson won’t help Labour – Jess Barnard & Young Labour voices respond to Starmer Bringing Mandelson Back.

“Turning to outdated unelected advisors associated with corruption and undermining the previous leadership is no way to retaining the passion of young people in the Labour party. The issues we face today are a world away from 1997 and those in denial of this risk further isolating an already wavering youth vote.” -