Keir Starmer’s Direct Political Interference is Unacceptable – Labour NEC members demand the whip is restored to Jeremy Corbyn

“The decision of the Leader to withhold the whip from Jeremy Corbyn is an act of deliberate political interference in the handling of a complaint. It defies the decision of the NEC panel, is a matter of double jeopardy that flies in the face of natural justice, it undermines the Rule Book & it is precisely the type of action found to be unlawful indirect discrimination by the EHRC report.”

United, the Left can win – Sam Browse on Lessons of the #LabourNEC elections #GrassrootsVoice

"There is still a huge appetite in the party for an explicitly socialist politics that puts people before profit, tackles the climate emergency & has a serious plan for protecting public health & defending living standards in the wake of the covid pandemic."