The real deal : Labour’s manifesto for a thriving green future – Mark Watts

"Most inspiring of all is simply that Labour has listened to the clarion call that we are in a climate emergency, looked seriously at the science-based targets that need to be achieved to avert climate breakdown, and then actually committed to a set of actions that will deliver them." - Mark Watts

“Things can be different & they should be different” – Laura Smith Exclusive

"We have put forward a fully costed plan that means everyone will have more money in their back pocket and the cost of living will be pushed down. We are offering a serious alternative to the inequality and austerity that has plunged our public services into crisis." - Laura Smith.

Thirty by 2030 – Labour’s credible & radical climate policy

"This is the right level of climate ambition. This is not a watering down of Labour’s climate ambition. The plan delivers on the Labour Green New Deal conference motion to put the UK on a pathway to zero carbon by 2030. This means that by 2030, the UK will have taken every possible step to ensure zero carbon energy during an appropriate point in the 2030’s. Exactly when this will be depends on how successfully the thirty recommendations are implemented. "