On Palestine, is Boris Johnson really prepared to abandon the most basic principles of human rights & international law? – Jeremy Corbyn

"The Palestinian people have an inalienable right to self-determination which must be realised in practice, including their right to an independent state of Palestine." - Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour Needs Rebecca Long Bailey for a Green New Deal – Chris Saltmarsh, #RLB2020 takeover

"Climate breakdown will increasingly define our politics as impacts like wildfires, hurricanes and drought grow worse at home and abroad. Rebecca Long-Bailey is best placed to translate Labour’s proposition of a Green New Deal into the election winning common sense solution to these climate impacts. That’s why she’s the person to lead Labour into the 2020s. "

Why I’m backing Rebecca Long-Bailey for Labour Leader – Alex Duerden, #RLB2020 Takeover

"Many imagine a politician as being completely removed from popular culture, self-interested and contemptuous of the electorate, Long-Bailey however comes across as a normal person who is fighting for her class rather than as member of the privileged elite who is out to protect their own interests. "

Labour Councils now have an even greater responsibility to defend people’s living standards – Cllr. Daniel Blaney

"We must defend the radicalism in Labour’s policies which have developed in recent years. Newham’s community wealthy building shows how Labour in local government can play its part in defending the policy agenda Labour needs to maintain, to resisting the new Tory majority in Westminster from the front line." - Daniel Blaney