“A government who abandon refugee children abroad will just as quickly abandon working class children in Britain” – Zarah Sultana

"This is the urgent call of our times: an international green new deal to transition from disaster capitalism to a new society created on the principles of equality, freedom and justice." - Zarah Sultana MP.


The Tories will say or do anything to gain & retain power, except shift power & wealth to working people – John McDonnell #Budget2020

"I caution the Chancellor, you are sowing the seeds of disappointment and disillusionment which could stir up a form of politics none of us wish our country to experience." - John McDonnell.

After 10 years of cuts our health & social care services are utterly ill-prepared to deal with the outbreak – John McDonnell on #Budget2020

“The Conservatives have neglected infrastructure investment over a decade of decline, and the measures announced today are not at the scale needed or underpinned by a plan to tackle the existential threat of climate change." - John McDonnell.


There is a gaping chasm between the rhetoric the Conservatives have adopted & the reality of what they will deliver – Jeremy Corbyn on #Budget2020

"The Conservative Party will never stand up for working class communities. They will always put the interests of their wealthy friends first." - Jeremy Corbyn.


“We are facing three of the most serious crises that coming together our country has ever faced” – John McDonnell pre-budget speech.

"I hope that the government has woken up to the state of our public services and the poverty and insecurity in which so many of our people live." - John McDonnell.