Jeremy Corbyn – We must ensure the most effective action is taken to protect people in every community, for reasons of public health as well as social justice #covid19

"Rent needs to be suspended for those adversely affected by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The government’s three-month ban on evictions should be extended to six months."Jeremy Corbyn Dear Prime Minister, Thank you for our meeting on Monday evening and for sharing with me the draft emergency legislation in response to the coronavirus outbreak.…

We need measures equal to the economic & public health emergencies upon us – Len McCluskey

"We urgently need for the government to introduce now the sort of measures that we have seen implemented in our competitor nations, including paying workers 75 per cent plus of their salary while they are forced to be at home as has been introduced in Denmark & Holland." - Len McCluskey, Unite the Union


We are in an unprecedented situation – we need a response commensurate to that challenge. Rebecca Long Bailey’s 12 point minimum plan, #COVID19.

"At a time like this we need to urgently come together to protect each other, no matter what it takes, but for those at greater risk and those who are already financially insecure we need to start moving mountains - and fast."

It is clear that we cannot carry on our old ways. Half of the wealth of the world is hoarded by the top 1% – Bell Ribeiro-Addy.

"Our planet does not have time for the government to check in with Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry about what we should do. The next generation needs real action on the climate crisis." - Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Hand power to the people with the greatest interest in stopping climate catastrophe : not the bankers, or big businesses, but working people – Olivia Blake MP

"We can either face up to the reality of the climate crisis & transform our institutions, our economy & our infrastructure, or consign our planet to environmental catastrophe." - Olivia Blake MP.

“A government who abandon refugee children abroad will just as quickly abandon working class children in Britain” – Zarah Sultana

"This is the urgent call of our times: an international green new deal to transition from disaster capitalism to a new society created on the principles of equality, freedom and justice." - Zarah Sultana MP.