For Socialism, Not Barbarism – Diane Abbott MP

"If the world had the same per capita death toll as Trump/Biden and Johnson, then there would already be fifteen million dead." Diane Abbott MP was speaking at the Arise Festival Rally: “Fight the Tories – for Socialism, not Barbarism,” you can read a version of her speech below or watch the her contribution in…


Say No to the Military Escalation of the AUKUS “Security Pact” – Kate Hudson, CND

"Bizarrely the joint governments’ statement suggests that [AUKUS] will ‘promote stability in the Indo-Pacific’... it looks more likely to massively ramp up tension in the region" By Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament If anyone thought that talking of a ‘new cold war’ with China was overstating the case, the recently announced AUKUS military pact…


Oppose the Push for Cold War 2.0 – Murad Qureshi, Stop the War Coalition

"What the world needs is global cooperation to tackle shared threats of the pandemic and climate change, not a new cold war." Murad Qureshi, Stop the War, tackles the misguided motivations and justifications of the AUKUS “Security Pact,” pushing us closer to a Cold War with China. On hearing the news of the US-UK-Australia Security…


The Entire Labour Movement Needs to Fight Back – Sarah Wooley, BFAWU

"We know that claps don’t pay the bills and actually a minimum basic hourly rate of £15 per hour, decent sick pay paid at 100% of wages and a ban on zero hours contracts would be much more meaningful." Sarah Wooley is the General Secretary of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU). Check…


The Barbarism of a Tory Class War – Jon Trickett MP

"The Conservatives are planning a full scale assault both on our services and also on working class living standards. We can see that happening immediately this autumn" Jon Trickett MP was speaking at the Arise Festival September Rally: "Fight the Tories - For Socialism, not Barbarism." You can read his contribution on fighting back against…


1000s join socialists, trade unionists and activists from across the world to say ‘fight the Tories – for socialism, not barbarism’

Whether it’s the history of European imperial powers… the way the lowest paid workers are treated, or the way migrants are brutalise, we face – in this century – barbarism, & the answer to these issues is, of course, progressive politics and socialism.’ - Diane Abbott MP.


Labour movement leaders ask if not now for workers’ rights, then when? #TUC21

"As a movement, we must harness public awareness of the UK's rigged system to build momentum for an economy that properly takes advantage of the role for which trade unions were intended." By Sarah Glenister, IER Communications Officer At the ever-popular Sunday night Institute of Employment Rights (IER)/Campaign for Trade Union Freedom (CTUF) TUC fringe…